Explore the "Riviera del Corallo"...

With the Half day boat tours in Alghero live the experience of a half day on a boat under the banner of Relax, Adventure, Fun, enjoying good food, sailing along the coast of Alghero.

Forget about crowded places and enjoy the experience in the company of a small circle of friends!

The boat can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.


Duration 4 hours

Morning: departure 9:30 am, return 2:00 pm
Afternoon: departure 1:30 pm, return 6:00 pm from the port of Alghero.

Skipper Included

The Skipper will command the boat accompanying you in total safety along the coasts of Alghero.

Aperitif Included

Aperitif with snacks freshly prepared by our Skipper.

An Boat Tours designed on your needs...

The half day boat tour is designed to satisfy all those deficiencies that arise in your daily routine.


Do you want to disconnect from the stressful daily routine?

The Motorsaler was born for an experience dedicated to Relax and comfort, with ample seating and sunbathing areas.

Forget Stress, speed, and enjoy the weather, the sound of the sea, the rocking of the waves and the sun on your skin.

Forget about crowded boats, relax with your friends by booking an exclusive excursion, or make new friends with the shared excursion. Whichever you choose, you will be with a maximum of 10 people.


Thanks to the mask made free available, you will be able to observe flora and fauna of the Alghero coast.

You will discover wonderful places that can only be reached by boat.

Have fun

If you love diving, thanks to the unique shape of the Motorsailer you can dive directly from the boat and easily get back up from the stern beach.

Escursione all'insegna del Relax

How does the half day boat tour work?

On the day of the tour we will meet at 9:15 am (1:45 pm for the afternoon exit) on the pier and after a short briefing, if the weather and sea conditions are favorable, we will leave the moorings (about 09:30 am or about 2:00 pm for the afternoon exit).

Leaving the port, we will sail towards the north and after half an hour we will make the first stop, where it will be possible to dive and swim in one of the most beautiful corners of the Alghero coast.

After an hour, we continue with the navigation, towards Punta Negra, where we will make a second stop.

The skipper will prepare a tasty aperitif and small snacks freshly prepared.

It will be a moment dedicated to relaxation and a swim before continuing navigation towards Alghero.

At approximately 1:00 pm (5:30 pm for the afternoon departure), we set sail at anchor and return in order to be at the port by 1:30 pm (6:00 pm for the departure afternoon).


What is INCLUDED with the daily tour:

Aperitif and Appetizers - An aperitif with freshly prepared snacks will be served during the main stop.
Fuel - Fuel is included in the price of the tour.
Skipper - An experienced local skipper will be the captain and will lead you along the spectacular Alghero coast.
Toilet on board - There is a bathroom with sink and toilet.
Masks without snorkel - Several masks are available that you can use to see the splendid seabed of the "Riviera del Corallo".

What to BRING on the daily boat tour:

Sunscreen - Given the duration of the tour during the hottest hours, the use of a good sunscreen is highly recommended.
Beach towel - The beach towel will be useful to be able to lie down on the bow teak sundeck or sit in the aft cockpit seats.
Mask and Snorkel - Although some masks have been made available, given the pandemic state, it is still recommended to use your own mask and snorkel.
Desire for Adventure - The desire for Adventure must not be lacking in the name of Relaxation and fun!

Free cancellation

Free cancellation up to 7 days from the starting time of the excursion.

Prevention measures against Covid-19

Special health and safety measures are applied to prevent Covid-19.

Choose your tour

Per Person

from €60
per person
  • Shared Boat
  • Minimum 4 people (or 2 on the waiting list)
  • Fuel
  • Skipper


from €540
  • Boat in Exclusive
  • Maximum 10 people
  • Fuel
  • Skipper

Rates Season 2023

per person
low season from 15 September to 30 June
€ 60
€ 540
mid-season from 1 July to 30 July and from 21 August to 14 September
€ 65
€ 580
high season from 31 July to 12 August
€ 70
€ 630
really high season from 13 August to 20 August
€ 80
€ 720

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The answers to your questions

What is the difference between the tour with the exclusive boat and the tour with the shared boat?

With the exclusive boat tour you book the entire boat, and you decide who to bring on board in addition to the skipper, up to a maximum of 10 people. Useful for example if you are a group of friends who want to stay on their own, or a couple who want a romantic outing without anyone on board.

Why is there this big difference in price between the exclusive boat and the shared boat?

With the exclusive boat the price is intended for the entire boat, on which you can bring up to a maximum of 10 people of your choice, while the price for the boat shared is intended per person.

What if there is bad weather on the day of the tour?

If there is bad weather, the skipper will evaluate the weather and sea situation and if there are no conditions for a good experience in safety, the excursion will be moved to a date to be agreed, or if there is no availability from one of the parties, the excursion will be canceled with a full refund.

Can I bring a child?

Children are welcome, as long as there is a direct adult responsible for each child present.

Why is there no reduced fare for children?

Unfortunately, the "laws" of the sea do not provide for age distinction as regards the number of transportable passengers, and a child, in terms of number, counts as an adult.

Starting from 40€ per person show rates
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